• We would like to announce that effective October 2, 2019, our company name changed from Payius AB to RICTOM AB

Call Centers

Collect credit card orders with our
virtual terminal

Call Centers (MOTO)

Telephone, mail or fax order payments

Virtual Terminal allows to your business take payments by secure way without any technical integration.

Payments via phone

There are many people - your customers - who prefer to pick the phone, speak to receptionist or sales agent to order staff, book hotel room, table in restaurant, trip or rental car.

MOTO solution - Virtual Terminal - gives you exactly what your business needs. It is possible to set up several dedicated users to manage payments, its settlement, refunds or chargebacks. You can store safely cardholders credit/debit cards for recurring payments to make each transaction faster and save time to your most valuable customers using our state of art tokenization method.

Your sales agents can perform card payment during sales phone or phone booking. The same from mail, email or fax orders.

You can use Rictom MOTO solution - Virtual Terminal - for pre-authorization of customer credit card when making booking or taking order.

Secure Card Storage is useful for merchants that are required to perform regular payments without the card holder entering their information.

Dynamic Currency Conversion enables cardholders to pay for goods and services in their home currency (48 currencies supported). We aim to always provide the best exchange rate to create substantial benefits for our merchants and their customers who opt for DCC transactions.

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Pay by Link

Get paid by sending email to your customer. Pay by Link is secure and fast.

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Online payments (ECOM)

E-commerce solution include all payment methods: local and international.

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Point of sales (POS)

Standalone and integrated EMV2 terminals - Serial, GPRS, Chip & PIN, Contactless.

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