• We would like to announce that effective October 2, 2019, our company name changed from Payius AB to RICTOM AB

Our Services

Take payments over the internet with our online solution

Online payments (ECOM)

Take payments over the internet with Rictom ECOM technology. We run high security, PSP- Gateway - PCI DSS Level 1, certified and listed VISA/MC Merchant Agent.

It enables for your business full, secure Online Payment solution. To process payment cards online you need to have Merchant Account and Payment Processing Gateway. We offer own gateway plugins for all major e-commerce platforms. We work with many our certified partners for e-commerce, online booking and cashier, hotel systems.


Supported payment cards

Rictom accept credit cards MasterCard®, Visa®, JCB®, American Express®, Discover® Network, Diners Club® and UnionPay®, as well as local debit brands and foreign cards.

  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • AMEX
  • Diners Club
  • JCB
  • Visa Electron
  • Maestro
  • Dankort

Dynamic currency conversion

Your business can offer using DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion) the convenience and certainty of paying in your own currency with the added benefit of a Best Rate Guarantee and can convert up to 47 currencies. We provide the best FX (exchange rate) and creates additional benefits for your business and your customers.

Recurring payments

We enable to your customers recurring payments or subscriptions by providing secure data with tokenization, remote storage and hosted payment options.

Online Reporting

FREE online reporting and statement tool allows you to securely monitor your account from any web browser, at any time of day. With our reporting tool you can display recent deposits; view standard transaction, batch, and unpaid statement reports; and request more robust reporting, such as chargeback and retrieval requests, to enhance your operational efficiency.

Loyalty/Gift Cards

Offer to your customers Loyalty - Rewards - Gift cards available in plastic or electronic version. We can customize cards with your company logo.


  • Bring more customers to your business
  • Increase sales and profits
  • Encourage repeat business
  • Popular with customers
  • Simple to manage


Boost your sales offering instalments for card purchases. Let your customers to pay for big-ticket retail purchases through an easy installment-based payment plan on their card. It can stretch the money into 2, 3, 6, 9, 12, 24 or 36 months. There are both types - interest free or with interest.


  • Attract more customers
  • Guaranteed payment
  • Reduce delinquency (which is greater in credit sales)

PCI Compliance

We operate a comprehensive programme to help you protect cardholder data, whilst ensuring you are compliant with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI- DSS). This programme includes education, assistance with compliance validation, and financial protection should a breach occur.


We keep your business safe. This is in default as your business security and stability is our prior interest.

Our processing center allows to set up your own anti-fraud preferences. The same applies if you process card payments via your 3rd party PSP which is certified with Rictom. Security and Anti-fraud is our main priority.


  • reduces manual reviews and false positives allowing you to captures more sale
  • monitor suspicious IP address, black-listed cards
  • setting selected territories: either to include or exclude


You can benefit with Rictom direct integration or Rictom Certified Partner. Contact our sales specialist to evaluate your needs to select best option for your business.

Hosted Payment Page

The Hosted Payment Page is built to allow merchants to easily integrate with our system for processing one off payments. The cardholders are redirected to payment page once they have made the decision to buy. Rictom also handle 3D Secure and eDCC. You can customize to fit with your e-shop look&feel. Compatible with smart phones and tablets.

Custom Hosted Payment Page

The ‘Custom Hosted Payment Page’ is an unique online payment solution offered to large merchants to have a freedom of own payment page which is uploaded to our PCI DSS Level servers. It enables the seamless shopping experience to your customers without PCI Compliance overhead for your company.

Own Payment Page

Your online payment solution can connect directly to our PSP gateway and Bank via our XML API. We can help you to handle PCI DSS requirements as well development and integration process.


  • Bring more customers to your business
  • Increase sales and profits
  • Encourage repeat business
  • Popular with customers
  • Simple to manage

Plug-Ins (e-shop modules)

Rictom work closely with the web developers and our customers to identify the most popular eCommerce Shopping Carts in the market.

This has allowed us to build up a library of Payment Plug-Ins for all of the main eCommerce shopping carts currently in use.

Sector specific packages available

Join our Partner Program - see sample of integrated products:

ECOM & POS connected

Rictom EMV2 payment application enables to display e-shop or cashier-system on touch screen of CHIP&PIN terminal.

E-shop platform

Use online presentation inside your store for Q-busting, loyalty and rewards management simply integrating to our platform.

Online booking system

Manage booking, revenue and front desk functionality all within the same system - it is not just a Property management system!

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