• We would like to announce that effective October 2, 2019, our company name changed from Payius AB to RICTOM AB


Scalable products for your venue

Hospitality payment solutions

Scale from B&B up to large hotel chains. You can choose from simple standalone payment terminal for your reception while Rictom Virtual Terminal is enabled for your business in default to lets you take payments or pre-authorize customers cards over the phone while taking booking.

We work with several hospitality sector specific software vendors fully integrated to Rictom payment gateway supporting Multi Currency and Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC).

Use your and/or our online booking system with integrated our payment solution to safe significant cost when lead comes from booking major portals.

  • U.S., Europe and beyond
  • Scalable platform
  • Multicurrency / DCC
  • Top up pre-authorised funds
  • POS / IPOS
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Data security
  • Tokenization

Sector specific packages available

Join our Partner Program - see sample of integrated products:

ECOM & POS connected

Rictom EMV2 payment application enables to display e-shop or cashier-system on touch screen of CHIP&PIN terminal.

E-shop platform

Use online presentation inside your store for Q-busting, loyalty and rewards management simply integrating to our platform.

Online booking system

Manage booking, revenue and front desk functionality all within the same system - it is not just a Property management system!

Virtual terminal

Rictom (MOTO) Virtual Terminal - telephone and mail payments are part of our user administration portal.

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admin virtual terminal

Online payments (ECOM)

E-commerce solution include all payment methods: local and international.

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Pay by Link

Get paid by sending email to your customer. Pay by Link is secure and fast.

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Point of sales (POS)

Standalone and integrated EMV2 terminals - Serial, GPRS, Chip & PIN, Contactless.

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