• We would like to announce that effective October 2, 2019, our company name changed from Payius AB to RICTOM AB

Rictom AB

who we are, what we do and how we do

About our company

Rictom AB is privately owned company founded in 2010 registered in Sweden.

We operate business in Europe and USA.

What we do

Rictom is company enabling, processing and mentoring payment solutions on own technology platform which sustains highest security, legal and industry standards. We are PCI DSS Level 1 Certified, VISA/MC Merchant Agent PSP (Payment Service Provider), Card Scheme Registered ISO.

How we do

The “Sale&Build&Enhance” life cycle propels everything we do. We run consistent process of building technology supporting services reflecting evolution in payment sector environment. We cooperate with selected partners sharing the same core business drive.

The “Immersion” - we research and develop new technology&procedures based on intimate knowledge of niche system components. Our team of payment&sales&financial experts are part of vibrant integration with our customers and partners to consistently enhance transaction process.